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Halloween Kitty Bento

Posted on October 31, 2011 by Debra

It’s a special Meatless Monday Bento!  Today is Halloween as well as the last Monday of the month!

What’s so special about the last Monday you ask?

Every month on twitter, a wonderful group of foodie-friends select an ingredient or theme, then each of use tweet a photo of the dish featuring the ingredient.   For October, we decided on sweet potato, yams or satsumaimo as the key  ingredient.   What’s great about this event is that you  don’t have to make the recipe yourself… it can be store or restaurant bought.   This month, I  decided to make mashed yams with coconut milk and  pack in my weekly Meatless Monday bento.

To compliment the yams, I added a medley of vegan sausage, kale, sweet onions and yellow tomatoes.  I simply sauteéd all with just a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Delicious.

And of course to celebrate the today’s spooky holiday… I added a slice of goat cheese fashioned as a Hello Kitty-skeleton.

“Trick or Treat!”

So there you have it.  A sort of  “triple-threat” bento!  Halloween, Meatless Monday and #twitterfoodparty all in one lunch!

Won’t you join us in this month’s theme?  Just post a photo of your sweet potato dish on twitter using hashtag #twittersweetpotatoparty

If you’re not on twitter yet, it’s very easy to sign up…and you can start tweeting immediately.  If you’re already using twitter— follow me for more information about our monthly #twitterfood party.  My id is @hapabento

We haven’t picked next month’s theme yet.  Any suggestions?

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6 to “Halloween Kitty Bento”

  1. Ilene says:

    VERY CUTE! I love Hello Kitty. One question, do you find your kale a little tough when chewing? Mine is and I don’t know if it’s because I don’t or do cook it too long. Happy Halloween!

  2. Natakiya says:

    Happy Halloween :D I love the HK skull, that’s a great idea!

  3. sheri says:

    Love the orange and black, mashed coconut yams, and zombie HK! Definitely a spooky combo!

  4. Tiffany says:

    OMG… you made Hallo Kitty spooky. Hahaha :D too funny! Love this bento!

  5. Merilee says:

    Love the Hello Kitty skeleton. Very clever. :)

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