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Miso Butter Mahi Mahi Bento

Posted on June 25, 2011 by Debra

Saba Man and I shared a rare weekday off together.  So we decided to drop the car off at the shop for a routine check-up.  Off course that was just too optimistic of us  because the shop called to tell us that our “whatchamacallit” was leaking… we had no choice but to get comfy in a loaner car.

Not a big deal but it was hilarious when we both forgot about this detail when we went to lunch   It took a more than a few moments to realize that we were looking for the wrong car after leaving the restaurant.

Too funny.

Anyhow, this bento is partially filled with leftovers from today’s Chinese  lunch;  shrimp with cashew and garlic gai lan (Chinese broccoli).

The main event —mahi mahi glazed with miso butter!  I also caramelized more of those tiny potatoes in the same pan and they turned out perfectly.

A veggie- mushroom stuffed steamed bun, yellow carrots and a fresh strawberry fill the remaining space.

So yes… Saba Man is back to work, albeit driving a strange car… but at least he has some yummy leftovers from our day together.



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12 to “Miso Butter Mahi Mahi Bento”

  1. sheri says:

    Whoops! Hehe!
    Looks so vibrant and tasty.

  2. Anncoo says:

    Nice leftover in that bento box:) Next time please let me know, will collect it myself..hehee..

  3. Jenn says:

    Lovely! I have yet to try those steamed buns. I need to just get up my nerve and do it!

    • Debra says:

      Thanks Jenn! I’ve been lazy and buying them premade and frozen. Someday I’ll dedicate an afternoon and make my own batch.

  4. Darryl Snow says:

    How do you find the time to prepare such elaborate and delicious lunches?

    • Debra says:

      Hi Darryl, Welcome to our bento blog. My bentos don’t take too extra time to put together and it’s a labor of love. I squeeze in an extra 15 to 20 minutes a day to assemble. The cooking part may take longer and I rely on leftovers a lot of the time.

  5. Folly says:

    Looks delish! But about that miso butter glaze…do you add sugar or shoyu to get that beautiful color?

    • Debra says:

      Hi Folly, Thanks! But the answer is neither. :) That caramelization I’m guessing is from the miso and heat. I’ll have to post the exact recipe someday….

  6. Lej says:

    Looks so yummy I would love to make this for hubby’s bento but can’t find the recipe for the miso buttered mahi mahi…could you provide the link?

    • Debra says:

      Hi Lej, I don’t have a link. Just mix 1:1ratio of butter and white miso. Marinate the fish. Scrape off the excess before grilling. Thanks for your comments.

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