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Amber Cup Squash

Posted on October 24, 2010 by Debra

Doesn’t this look like a pumpkin?  Amazingly this Amber Cup or Ambercup squash is only about six inches across, easy to prepare and tastes oh so delicious!

This squash is related to the Buttercup variety and can be baked, steamed  just like it’s cousin the Kabocha!  So that means it’s perfect for bento application.   It’s very sweet and it’s bright orange flesh adds spectacular color and intererst to our autumn themed bento box lunches!

With a sharp knife cut in half.

With a spoon clean out the seeds and threads.  You can roast the seeds too,  just like you’d do with pumpkin!

Slice into even pieces and bake at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes.  Testing with a toothpick for the right amount of tenderness.

Bag the  cooked slices and freeze for your “bento-stash”.  Keen eyes ( that can read Japanese ) will notice that I mixed the date and descriptions in the opposite spaces!  :)

I can eat this very sweet squash plain or with a brush of butter, salt and pepper!   Some online recipes say to skin before cooking, but like  kabocha,  the skin very soft and edible.  Not a problem at all!

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11 to “Amber Cup Squash”

  1. sheri says:

    Great shots and nice post! I love squash but I’m such a wimp when it comes to cutting them. Does it have a very tough skin? Can’t beat that hue. Gorgeous!

    • Debra says:

      Hi sheri, I was a wimp too and kinda still am. The skin is soft and easily pierced. Not at all like pumpkin. Give it a try. Thanks for your kind comments.

  2. notabrownbag says:

    I love baked pumpkin, but never thought of freezing them – doh! I need to start doing this instead of baking from scratch everytime I fancy some.

  3. ChantaleP says:

    Oh yum! I love squash.. you had me fooled, I thought this was your pumpkin carving post. lol! Wow, lightly seasoned like that, I’d eat so much.. not sure I’d be freezing them though, I’d eat most of it by myself. : ) Gorgeous Debra..

    • Debra says:

      Hi Chantale, I’m not sure why I bother freezing either, I usually eat it all within a couple of days. LOL!

  4. Lina says:

    Should try this for my boys. Next time I go grocery I’ll try to remember to get some. TFS.

  5. Lyndsey says:

    It looks beautiful! I like kabocha so I probably would like this! So when you use it in a bento, you heat it up from the freezer then eat room tempurature?

    • Debra says:

      Hi Lyndsey, Yes, I reheat then pack. It’s a little soggy when it’s been frozen, but I don’t mind.

  6. Helen says:

    This is my new favorite squash that I found at my local farmers market- I will undercook and then freeze to avoid the soggy- Used it in veggie whole wheat spaghetti and it was fab!

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