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Project Pink Bento

Posted on October 08, 2010 by Debra


My friend Susan of  Hawai’i's Bento Box Cookbook said it best, “ everyones’ lives has been touched in some way by cancer.”

This month, a bunch of bento-friends are creating “pink bentos” to bring awareness to those afflicted by breast cancer.  The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month  so while you’re  twitter,  look for hashtags #projectpink and #thinkpink.

This bento is filled with sweet-sour cappellini noodles, ham,  roasted chicken, cukes, champagne grapes, star fruit and crab apple!

Also check out the Susan G. Komen site for more breast cancer information.

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13 to “Project Pink Bento”

  1. sheri says:

    That looks delish! I don’t remember this box. New? Wonderful #thinkpink contribution :)

    • Debra says:

      Thanks sheri, this is MY hk sakura bento box! It’s usually filled with non-interesting veggie lunch so it hasnt’ been published until now. SM gets all the glory! :)

  2. ChantaleP says:

    I always love how beautifully presented your bentos are Debra and how there’s just a flavour variety as well. Plus, wonderful that this is dedicated to the #thinkPINK awareness month! Thank you so much Debra for participating. It was for interior design community but I just thought, bento community is just as caring, big and strong as any other. You are a star! Have a great weekend…

  3. Lia Chen says:

    Pretty and delicious bento for a great cause! Awesome ribbon too, love it <3

  4. Susan says:

    Wow, what a yummy combination of foods! Beautiful bento for a great cause. Think pink everyone!!!

  5. Lyndsey says:

    What a wonderful bento for the “thinkPink” breast cancer awareness month! I is so pretty to look and and heart healthy to eat! Win Win!

    • Debra says:

      Hi Lyndsey, thanks so much for you kind comments. I didn’t realize the foods were heart healthy! Bonus!

  6. gamene says:

    i am loving this beautiful floral burst of pretty pink ham. what a great project and a lovely contribution.

  7. In my age group (I’m in a new ‘age group’ since a few months ;) 1 in about 250 women get breast cancer. That’s a lot. So let’s think pink! & Celebrate life with champagne… grapes :) )

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