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Elph’s Two Tier Bento

Posted on May 18, 2010 by Debra

Today’s featured bento is packed in a cute Elph’s Circus box  from our friends at  Japanistic !

Last month I featured  the single tier Elph’s bento with a bear motif boiled egg.  This time I continued with the bear theme using cheese and nori cutouts to make smiley bear faces!  Who wouldn’t want cute bears at lunch? 

This adorable bento box is filled with Saba Man’s favorite and not-so-favorite things and hold just enough for his midnight snack!   The top tier, along with the bears, contains a veggie burger omelet, sun dried olives, snap peas and enoki mushrooms.  The second or bottom tier has a mandarin, sweet potato, tomato, green olives, and pistachio crunch!  

If you’re wondering what his not-so-favorite things are…it’s the olives!   He tolerates them but in most cases he will skip the pickled types.

I love this bento box with it’s own matching fork and very secure bento belt!   The contrasting  colors are a nice surprise and makes for a very cheery meal!   This works out well for my hubby as he oftentimes dines alone.

Saba Man called to tell me how much he enjoyed his snack!   And he actually noticed that this was new bento box and didn’t mention the olives!  tee hee…

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13 to “Elph’s Two Tier Bento”

  1. Lexi says:

    Sweet box, and sweet bento inside! Yum!

  2. mils says:

    Been eyeing this bento for awhile now – love how you filled it! The speckled cheese makes the bear cuter than ever!

    SM is a very lucky man :)

  3. Oooh, pistachio crunch?! That sounds so delicious :) The bears are adorable of course :)

  4. cute! I like the way you decorated the mandarin. You’re right, the colors are cheery!

  5. fluteloop says:

    Such a cute box and the snack was so colorful and cute!

  6. sheri says:

    Me too, olives don’t do it for me, But everyone else over here Loves ‘em! I do love pistachios though– they are my FAVE nut, and my fave gelato flavor :)
    Cute box, and you got a face punch! Adorable! Now we’ll see more faces…

  7. Lia Chen says:

    The olive is well hidden by this cute happy bears and the colorful box. SB probably didn’t realize that hehehe :)

  8. Susan says:

    Love the bears and the bento box is just as cute! Olives are just one of those foods that you either really like or don’t. I’m in the like camp, especially with briny ones like calamatas. Yum!

  9. The bento box is so adorable, love the colour contrast! I definitely welcome cute bears for lunch! Yummy and healthy lunch! :D

  10. I have another elph’s bento box! I love your bento box, so cute! ( but I’ve never seen this elph’s in Jaapan….)

  11. Pipaw says:

    This box is really cute but what is inside is even cuter! I like the detail of the enoki mushrooms too!

  12. Kiki says:

    LOVE the box and the whole presentation :)

  13. You’ve captured the cheerful stylishness of this lovely set with these happy bears! And the thoughtful care with which you pack Saba Man’s bento (delightful colors inside and out, pistachio crunch!) gladdens my heart :)

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