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Vancouver Japadog

Posted on February 15, 2010 by Debra


I’m a big fan of the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see  an episode about her recent visit to Vancouver BC.  “The Glass City” is one of my favorite places to visit so it goes without saying, I was in both travel and food heaven.   And to top it off, she went to eat at  “Japadog”!   What a treat!  I’ve eaten there  several times and the Winter Olympics is happening so I thought I would post photos of some of their menu items!

I love their hot dogs.   Before I switched to vegetarianism I had no problems with tasting all that they offered.  It was all good.  No complaints.   The Okonomidog in the photo above was mine!   Kurobuta (black pig), the highest pork quality hot dog topped with okonomiyaki sauce, mayo and katsuobushi (shaved bonito flakes).  

A bit of background: Japadog is a street-cart vendor that serves hot dogs with a Japanese twist.  I first saw this on another Travel Channel show, Anthoney Bourdain’s “No Reservations”, he liked it so of course I had to have one too!

Even though I no longer eat meat or fish, I’m still a fan and when I visit Vancouver (which happened just last summer) I head straight to Burrad St. and  order up their Teri May veggie dog (below).   The buns are grilled to perfection and the dog is hot!  And look at all that crispy nori!

They also have an Oroshidog. Finely chopped daikon topped with tsuyu and minced green onion.

But it’s not just about the delicious hot dogs for me.   It’s the fun atmosphere and the experience too.  We’ve been fortunate to be inVancouver on sunny warm days (I know… it’s like Seattle where you forget what the sun looks like) so standing in line, which can get lengthy, becomes a people watching and listening opportunity!  The stands are manned by Japanese speaking workers who are extremely polite despite the hard work and the occasional confused tourist that don’t understand their heavy Japanese accented English.  Very comical but in the end both parties are smiling, the order is taken and delivered with a “Hai!”, a smile and a head nod.

I can’t imagine how long the wait will be during these next couple of weeks!  Saba Man and I are still looking for a way to get up there and Japadog is on the list of places to eat while taking in the Winter Olympics.  I know I can count on a delicious piping hot, hot dog but not on sunshine.


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7 to “Vancouver Japadog”

  1. sheri says:

    Woh, that looks fanTAStic!!

    • hapabento says:

      Hi sheri,

      I know huh! I want one so badly and they are only about 3 hours away from me. Maybe 4 now with the busy border crossing.

  2. Mikeisawake says:

    Those dogs look sooo good! Some of my co-workers are in Vancouver for several weeks to work at the Olympics. I’m going to tell them about JapaDog right away! Thanks for the link!


  3. Lia Chen says:

    Interesting Japadog! Looks so nice and yummy :)

  4. Loved this virtual Japadog stand visit, hapa! Great photos and narrative made me feel I was there…yum to the Japadog and Tony B.!

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